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Mark Obama Ndesandjo's dream (II)

Mark Obama Ndesandjo's dream (I)

My China: Alex Simms and his War horse play

Wedding ceremony in Beijing

Foreigners in China

My Chinese name is Caocao

The Chinese Dream through foreigners' eyes

'Experience Day of Beautiful China' globe tour event

China holds V-Day parade

China rehearses V-Day parade

Beijing presents for great Winter Olympics at foot of Great Wall

Beijing & Almaty bid teams make final presentations

Beijing promotional video: this is Beijing

Beijing releases promotion video for 2022 Winter Olympics

Khalil Fong's concert tour stops in Beijing

China's dancing seniors gain corporate backers

US tour marks Mei Lanfang anniversary

Astronaut tweets amazing photo of nighttime Beijing

Foreign wheels sizzle at Forbidden City

McDonald's returns meat to menus

Beijing holds to concept of frugality for Winter Games

German astronomer uses supercomputer to see space

Mei Lanfang's impact on Peking Opera

'A Tea Spell’: dance through Chinese tea culture

Beijing taps new water sources

Beijing releases top hospitals list

18th Beijing Art Expo

Intercampus debate on BRICS development open to apply

Candidates sit for 2nd exam at Beijing Film Academy

50,000 bikes put into use for low carbon traffic
Beijing at a Glance

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The Beijing Housing Service Corporation for Diplomatic Missions provides free consult service on office or residence housing, including recommending to foreign institutions suitable candidate houses when necessary.
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